Toll-free customer support number: 1-800-473-5156.        Technical support email:

Why I cannot pass the "User registration" message box on the frame?

1) Make sure your cloud frame is a touch screen model or a remote control model. For 10” or smaller cloud frames, they are touch screen models, do not have a RC, what you need to do is to touch on the screen to do operation. For 14” above cloud frames, they are remote control models, please make sure you have plugged in the RC receiver into the USB port.

2) Make sure you have setup Wi-Fi connection correctly. You can try to turn on/off the Wi-Fi switch, forget current Wi-Fi password, and re-input the correct password. Sometimes you can try to reboot frame to get Wi-Fi connection.

3) If you have set Wi-Fi correctly, but still stuck at "Authenticate Registration" message box, it could be your frame's serial number not matching with the cloud database. In this situation, please take a photo of the serial number showing on the frame's screen and send it to to ask for assistance.
4) In rare case, you might have set Wi-Fi connection to a hotspot Wi-Fi or a public Wi-Fi surrounding such as in bank, library, restaurant etc., where it needs to open browser to establish connection. Such Wi-Fi surrounding won't work for initial cloud frame setup, please move the frame to a private network to finish initial frame setup.

How to add cloud photos to my Sungale cloud frame?

Send pictures to your cloud frame basically contains 3 steps - create album, push album to slide show, and push slide show to frame. In detail.
1. Login to the cloud frame management platform, go to "Albums" page, click "Add New Album" button, name your album, and click "OK" button to save it.

2. Find the new album you just created, hover over the blank album picture, and click "Manage Album" button to go to your album detail page.

3. In your new album detail page, click the cloud image to bring up the upload interface, and click the "Add Photos" button on the top.

4. The file selecting box will show up, choose pictures you want to upload from your computer, click "OK" button, and the pictures you picked will be listed on the upload interface. Click "Start All" button, and the pictures will start to upload, when all finished, click "OK" button to close the upload interface, you'll see your pictures have been uploaded.

5. Now go to "Slide Shows" page, click "Add New Slideshow" button, name it, and click "OK" button to save it.

6. Go back to the "Albums" page, pick an album that you want to send to your cloud frame, hover on the album cover picture, can click "Push Album to Slide Show" button.
7. A list of all your slide shows will show up, pick one and click "OK" button, all the picture in this album will be sent to the slide show.

8. Go to "Slide Shows" page, find the slide show you just sent album pictures, hover over the slide show cover picture, and click "Push to Frame" button.

9. Now that you've sent a slide show to your frame, expect the pictures to show up on your frame shortly. You can check your frame slide shows at the "Frames" page.

Why my cloud pictures are not showing on my cloud frame?

1) This problem may result in you have not done initial cloud album and slide show setup yet. Please login to the cloud frame service platform to setup a slide show with the non-empty album, push the slide show to your frame, see detailed instruction here.
2) If you only create album with the Sungale Cloud app, you still need to login to the frame service platform to create and push slide shows. Using the service platform setting is necessary.
3) If you have properly setup slide shows, make sure your frame has good Wi-Fi connection, use web browser on your frame to open a webpage to test connection. As long as your Wi-Fi connection is good, expect to receive photos you have pushed on the website shortly.
4) If all of above are all confirmed with no problem, it still cannot receive photos, it is a rare case. Then please try to do following operation, go to Settings > Apps > All> find "Wififrame" app > press "clear data" button > reboot frame.

What to do when getting message "This frame is already registered by another user" while registering cloud frame?

In this situation, you probably got a pre-owned unit. In this case, please email the frame serial number to about this situation. Sungale supporting team will verify the case and clear the previous registration ASAP.

What to do when getting message "Please enter a valid serial number" while registering cloud frame?

If you did input the correct serial number showing on frame, please setup Wi-Fi connection on your frame first, then go back to registration. Power up your cloud frame, tap or click “I have registered” button under the User Registration box, follow screen prompt to set up Wi-Fi connection, then go back to the home screen, a "Serial number confirmed successfully" message will show up on the bottom of the frame screen. Now turn off the frame, and go to the cloud frame service platform to register again.

I'm not receiving activation code for registration

During registration, you will receive an activation code in the email box that you have filled in the registration form. If you have waited over 30 minutes and still have not received it, or if you had input wrong email address, please email for further assistance.

What if I had typo in email address during registration, or I need to update my registered email?

You cannot update account email by yourself. Please email the correct email address and your serial number to for assistance. Our supporting team will take care of your request ASAP.

Pictures are showing sideways or upside-down on my frame.

Please delete the problem pictures, and re-upload them, our new upload system have resolved this issue.

My frame is showing "Wififrame has stopped" message frequently

It happens when too many pictures been pushed to frame, while the frame's Wi-Fi connection is not good. Please first delete all slide shows on your frame, separate the pictures into smaller slide shows, and push the slide shows one by one, wait for one slide show to fully shown on your frame, then push another.

How to remove the time/weather panel next to the slide show?

You can turn off the time/weather panel by logging on the the cloud frame service platform, click “Frames” on the left navigation, click your frame, and you'll see “Weather Panel Setting” area, you can set it to off and save the settings. For some earlier models, you may not see the "Weather Panel Setting" area, which means the frame’s system needs upgrade, please contact for system upgrade instruction, then, you can select to turn off/on weather panel.

The location and weather next to slide show is not correct, how to fix it?

This issue can be resolved by doing a system upgrade. For most models, online update is available. Follow this instruction to do an online upgrade. If your frame doesn't have the OTAUpdate tool, or could not find available online upgrade, please contact for further assistance.

Why the frame automatically turns off after by itself?

It's not turned off, the cloud frame automatically goes to sleep after idling for certain period of time, you can wake it up. For remote control models, you can press “Power” button on the remote control to wake the frame. For touch screen models, you can press the “Power” button on the back of the frame to wake your frame. You can also control how long idling before frame goes to sleep, please logon to the cloud frame service platform, click “Frames” on the left navigation bar, click your frame, scroll down to "Slide Show Settings", find "Sleep In" option, adjust the value to your desired time period, and save your setting. Your frame will pick up the change shortly.

How to add a new cloud frame to my current account?

Sungale cloud frame does not support to have multiple cloud frames under one account, each frames has to have its dedicated account. We will be releasing Group Frames feature soon, which allow a few accounts to form a group and send slide shows to each other.

What's my account number to sign in to Sungale cloud app?

It is the same email address you used to logging in to the cloud frame service website, make sure there's auto correction on your mobile device input.

Forget password, I cannot sign in to the cloud frame service platform

Please use the "forgot password" page to reset your password, after putting in your registered email address and “submit”, you will get a temporary password email from , login with the temporary password, you'll be prompted to reset your password.

How to slide show the photos from my USB/SD card/internal memory?

Click or tab "Local Photos" section from your frame home screen, click the vertical three dots on the upper right corner, then click/tab "start slideshow" from the dropdown menu.

Can I change the local photo slide show styles/time intervals?

NO, only cloud album slide show is configurable.

How to slide show photos from Dropbox?

Logon to Dropbox, save the Dropbox pictures to local memory, then slide show from local photos

My remote control light is flashing and cannot operate the frame

The remote needs to have a solid green light to work normally. If the batteries are new, and the remote control light is still flashing, it needs to be reset with the sensor. Simply plug in the remote control sensor to your frame, and hold the OK and back buttons on your remote control for 2 seconds, you'll see the light flash for 3 times and become solid green, that means you've successfully reset your remote control.

My remote control cursor is flying around on the screen, how to fix it?

In this situation, your remote control needs to be re-calibrated, please follow this article to fix it.

How to find my frame serial number?

On your frame, please click the lower right corner to get into Settings, then click the lower right tab again to go into system setting, scroll down to find “About device”, on the following screen scroll to the bottom to show Serial Number, it is a string containing numbers and upper case letters, starting with "SU".

How to use your smart phone to transfer photos to cloud frame?

1, Please go to your app store to search "Sungale", you will find "Sungale cloud"

2, Install the app and input your cloud frame's account email and password, same as what you used to login to the cloud frame management platform.
3, Then, following screen prompts, you can update pictures in your cloud albums quickly. Please note, you still need to follow initial cloud album set up steps using the cloud frame management platform

How to connect the cloud frame to a computer?

Connect your frame to a computer using the USB cable included in your package, a "USB connected" interface should pop up on your frame like below, click the "Turn on USB storage" button, your computer should recognize the cloud frame as an external storage unit.

If you are not seeing the "USB connected" interface popping up, or your computer is not recognizing the cloud frame as external storage, please follow below instructions to fix it.
1, Enter into the device's system settings menu, select Storage item, like below.

2, Press the upper right corner menu icon, and press the black bar “USB computer connection” see below image

3, You will see below screen, make sure "Media device (MTP)" is checked

4, Go to "Developer options" item in system setting, and make sure "usb debugging" option is UN-checked

5, Unplug, and plug back in the USB cable, the problem should be solved.

How to change slide show style?

You can adjust your frame slide show style remotely. Just login to your cloud account, click “Frame” from the left navigation, and select the frame you want to manage, if it is your own frame, you could adjust the slide-show style, interval, start time period, and frame sleep time. The adjustment takes effect within 5 minutes.

What should I do when I meet “Superuser Requirement” Pop-Up Window as below?

This issue results in Android’s compatibility, please tap on “Allow”, the Pop-up window will never appear again.

How to do a online system upgrade?

Please click Settings section on the home screen, on the following screen click "All Apps", then click "OTAUpdate" on the following screen to open online update tool. Click "Online Update" button, if there is online update available, click "Download" button, wait for it to download, and click "Reboot now" button afterwards to install updates. Your cloud album contents and other accounts logged on your frame will stay the same after online upgrade.