How to use your smart phone to transfer photos to cloud frame?

1, Please go to your app store to search "Sungale", you will find "Sungale cloud"

2, Install the app and input your cloud frame's account number and password.
3, Then, following screen prompts, you can send the photos in you cell phone to the frame. This app responds very fast, so far, all users have given good review to it

How to connect the cloud frame to a computer?

If you tried to connect your cloud frame to a computer, and the computer is not recognizing the cloud frame as an external storage device, please follow below instructions to fix it.
1, Enter into the device's settings menu, select Storage item, like below.

2, Press the upper right corner menu icon, and press the black bar “USB computer connection” see below image

3, You will see below screen, make sure "Media device (MTP)" is checked

4, Connect the device to computer with a USB cable, then you will find your cloud frame has appeared as an external storage on your computer.

How to register my Sungale cloud frame?

Once you purchase a Sungale cloud frame, please register it.
Go to your computer to open, choose “Activate Frame” from the top navigation. Please fill out the registration form on your computer. You can find your cloud frame's serial number on the screen of your Cloud Frame. Once finish registration, you automatically get free 10G cloud storage spaces for you to store at least 10,000 photos.

How to add photos to my Sungale cloud frame?

1. Working on your computer, login to your Sungale cloud storage account, create a photo album, click on “Upload” to select photos from your PC. Then, you will see the photos in the album.
2. Continuing on your computer, create a slide-show and give a name to the slide show, then, select albums to add to the slide show.
3. Continuing on your computer, select a frame to display the slide-show (if you have just one frame, you do not need to select frames), and the slide-show photos will be pushed to your cloud frame within 5 minutes.

How to change slide-show style?

You can adjust your frame slide-show style remotely. Just login to your cloud account, click “Frame” from the left navigation, and select the frame you want to manage, if it is your own frame, you could adjust the slide-show style, interval, start time period, and frame sleep time. The adjustment takes effect within 5 minutes.

Why my frame is not showing the photos added in my cloud storage?

Please check if you have added the slide-show list to your frame.
Please check if your frame is connected to Wi-Fi.

What should I do when I meet “Superuser Requirement” Pop-Up Window as below?

This issue results in Android’s compatibility, please tap on “Allow”, the Pop-up window will never appear again.

When displaying movie on Netflix, sometimes fine green bar appear on the right side of the screen of my Cloud Frame.  How can I remove the green bars? ?

Please tap on the whole screen button on the screen, the green bars will go away.